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“The More Eyes On, The More Deals Done!”


Today, QR codes are everywhere, and everyone has a smartphone camera that can scan and see the results (on a hotspot if WiFi is not available).

Walkthrough video tours have become a popular real estate marketing tool, and are easy to make (
see our Blog). While popular, most are buried on a website.

Real estate videography is worth it in most cases as listings with video typically receive 300% more traffic. Including videography in a market where most listings only have photos may help a property sell faster.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads in 2024.

Videos receive over 4 times more inquiries

63% of homeowners are likely to hire an agent who uses video over one that doesn’t

Only 38% of agents use videos

Only 9% use walkthrough videos!

Unfortunately, there is still another problem.

Most agents who use videos still point the them to their websites.

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The reason for this is not wanting to go through the hassle and expense of getting a new sign for each property.  Makes sense, but...

It takes up a lot of sign real estate, and it means a person who is interested in a property for sale, or rent, still has to sort through however many listings that are on the website.

This is even more important right now!

Right now, there is a real housing need
Prices are
way up
Interest rates are
way up
Inventory is is
way down
Competition is
The NAR settlement will lower Commissions
(And all this will be for a
long time)

Many prospects will drive through a desired neighborhood to see what is available. They don’t want to contact a realtor just yet because they want to physically see the various properties offered.

Other agents also drive around to see MLS listings. This may bring more and faster sales, if the method below is used.

The market is tough, which means you need as many eyes ON your properties as is possible, but you also need them viewing the INSIDE as well.

Now, suppose you had a QR code sign that did point to your video tour?

AND was large enough to be scanned from the street.

Like this…

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Your video appears!

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Our QR sign is easily placed next to your For Sale sign, creating eye catching visibility, and a natural curiosity to scan the code.

Now, let’s add a “ContinueButton beneath the video that has a follow-on link which will point to any URL you wish, such as:

Your Website

The listing itself


Contact info



(This feature is only available with our signs)

And Now, The Really Cool Part…

Suppose, after the sale, THAT VERY SAME SIGN could be moved to ANOTHER property…


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And, what if that sign could be used on property after property for years, with NO changes on the sign itself?

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Just ONE Sign!

(This feature is only available with our signs)

Here’s How It Works

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Does that sound interesting?
(This works for both Realtors and Rental Agencies!)

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The Cost?

Just $69 to get started

Then $39/mo

Okay, it does sound good, but what does it include?

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For a demo of how easy this is, scan, or click, on the sign above

Remember, the sign can be used on the next listing,
and the next… and the next… and the next…

You’ll also know how many prospects have seen your video!

“The More Eyes On, The More Deals Done!”

Upload the video you want displayed, and enter the Continue URL of your choice.

You will get a resizable high quality vector QR code image to use in other advertising and on social media.

Your sign will ship next day with Free Shipping.

Change the video and URL as often as you wish at no additional charge.

We guarantee that any valid URL will reach its target.

View QR code on laptop or desktop to see statistics for the number of views for each sign. Homebuyers will not see this using phones or tablets.

Cancel any time without penalty.

Go ahead and register.
No credit card needed until you are ready to have a sign.

If using a mobile device, be sure you can locate the video before purchasing.
We recommend a laptop, or desktop.

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