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Realtor Support Service

“The More Eyes On, The More Sales In”

This page is not long, and it does offer something unique,
so please read it to the end.
Thank You!

About 14 years ago, the real estate industry gave QR codes a try. They were not widely accepted because they were too small to be seen from the street. In addition, cameras and apps to scan the codes were not common.

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Today, QR codes are everywhere because of COVID, and everyone has a smartphone that scans.

Video tours are easy to make and very much used, although most are buried on a website.

But there is still another problem. The codes have gotten larger, and that’s good. But most agents still point the codes to their webpage.

The reason for this is not wanting to go through the hassle and cost of getting a new sign for each property.  Makes sense, but...

It means a person who is interested in a property for sale, or rent, has to sort through however many listings that are on the site.

This is even more important right now!

There is a housing boom
Prices are way up
Inventory is in short supply
Competition is fierce
(And will be for a long time)

Plus, many prospects will drive through a desired neighborhood to see what is available. They don’t want to contact a realtor just yet.

All of which means the market is tight and sales can be difficult. Which also means you want as many eyes on your properties as is possible.

Now, suppose you had a QR code sign that bolted to your existing sign, and did point to the video tour?

AND was large enough to be scanned from the street, even in the rain?

Like this…

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The video can be from images, or full motion.

Anyone who is interested in the property will contact you after seeing your video.

Now,after the video has played, let’s add a “Continue” button that will point to your website, the listing, or anywhere else you wish.

And now suppose, after the sale, THAT SAME SIGN could be moved to ANOTHER property to display A NEW VIDEO TOUR?

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And, what if that sign could be used on property after property, with NO changes on the sign itself?

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Just ONE Sign!

Does that sound interesting?
(This works for Realtors and Rental Agencies!)
Suppose you could try it out with absolutely no downside?
Here's the deal...

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The Cost
$69 Setup Fee & Sign (Free Shipping)
$49 per Month Subscription

Okay, it does sound good, but what does it include?

The Sign
SSL Certification
Unlimited Updates

Your videos may be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia
The sign is .040 Aluminum, and it bolts to the side of your existing sign

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose!

If you are not satisfied, we’ll even eat the cost of the sign!
That’s how sure we are that you’ll be happy with the results.

Remember, the sign can be used on the next listing, and onward…

You’ll also know how many prospects have seen your video!

“The More Eyes On, The More Sales In”

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Your sign will look like this…

For a demo of how fast this is, scan, or click, on the sign above
(Viewing statistics will not be seen on mobile devices)

Here’s How It Works

Tell us the 2 URLs you want displayed

You will get a resizable high quality vector image (png) to use in other advertising

Your sign will arrive within a 5-6 days

Change the two URLs as often as you wish, at no additional charge

We guarantee that any valid URL will reach its target

You have statistics for the number of scans for each sign. Homebuyers will not see this

And a 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee on the first sign only

Next:  Please register your business data. You do not have to enter sign data at this time. But, please do register. No credit card required.

After we set up your account, you can select your desired sign layout. You have control over how it looks. 

You only pay when you provide the sign information.

What could be easier?

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